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Customer Service Team Leader

Elyse joined LEONI after her Business degree. Started as a Logistics Graduate, now Customer Service Team Leader.

My story at LEONI

My name is Elyse, I’ve worked for LEONI for 8 years now and started working here straight after I finished my degree in Business with German at the University of Chester. LEONI UK is based in my home town of Stoke-on-Trent, so it was natural for me to look for graduate jobs in the area once I moved home after University and by chance LEONI was advertising a Logistics graduate role. I started at LEONI as a Logistics Graduate, learning key aspects of the supply chain and internal processes, completing the UK Graduate training scheme, and pursuing a Chartered Management qualification. After achieving a level 5 diploma and winning the graduate of the cohort award, I transitioned to a role as a Warehouse and Packaging specialist, gaining expertise in warehouse operations, systems, barcodes, and logistics costs. I am still working in Logistics and have progressively moved roles taking on more responsibility, to be in the role I am currently, as a Customer Service Team Leader. 

My job

I am currently completing a training programme specifically designed for New and Emerging Leaders, between LEONI and Ashorne Hill management college, focusing on our core values of Care, Responsibility, Respect, Results Orientation and Collaboration; enabling me to further learn and put into practice the qualities of an effective leader. 

My daily routine

Every day in a supply chain role is different; the fast paced change and unexpected situations result in regular switching of priorities. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but most of the time this keeps the role fresh and is one of the main reasons I continue to enjoy it. 


Despite this most weekdays at 06:50am in the office, at this time the production plants and customers are yet to start work, so I use this period to make a start on the more intense tasks which require my uninterrupted focus. 

Every morning includes a 15-30 minute meeting with my team, whether face to face or online, where we catch up on what’s happening that week. This catch up is critical to me understanding where my team may need support and when a potential escalation situation may be developing with a customer. 


We have a 25 minute lunch break, more than enough time for us to get out on a team walk; enjoy the fresh air and clear our heads after our morning work.


The afternoon continues with meetings focusing on any current projects and any important supply chain topics. 

I generally end my day in the office around 3:30pm-4:30pm, this can vary depending on the needs of the day. The flexible start and finish times at LEONI allow me to get home at a reasonable time, so I have the evening ahead of me to complete a workout; work on any life admin tasks; cook a nutritious evening meal and relax before heading to bed for a good night’s sleep, setting me up for the following day.

My highlights

The most exciting moment so far has to be when I won graduate of the cohort. It was wonderful to be recognised for my hard work and for that to continue to be recognised in my onward development at LEONI into becoming the team leader I am today. 

My view of LEONI as an employer

Once I had finished my degree, I was exploring my options for a graduate role. LEONI was advertising a graduate role at that time and it seemed like the perfect fit, I could move back home to my family and continue to develop what I had learnt in my business studies degree, whilst having the added bonus of working for a German company! 

The thing I value most is the caring nature of the company and the loyalty it creates within the workforce. You can really see this in the UK, where we have many employee’s with over 20 years’ service, who are always willing to pass on their experience to any new starters. 

The work culture at LEONI is flexible and family like, this helps to encourage a work life balance which supports the company’s best interests, along with those of the employees, encouraging us to take the time to focus on our mental and physical health, as well as our work. 

The family like culture spreads through the teams at LEONI, within my team the atmosphere is collaborative and helpful. Sharing experiences and picking up workload where required. A perfect atmosphere to be a part of. 

In a few words, I would describe LEONI as multicultural, caring, and challenging.

My tips

The most important piece of advice I could give anyone starting at LEONI is to jump in with both feet; don’t be afraid to ask questions as the experience of the long servers is one of the best learning facilities LEONI has to offer. Actively seeking new experiences and learning opportunities will help you on your journey to success within LEONI.

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