Field Report

Technical Project Manager

Ryan began at LEONI UK as an apprentice, explored departments, found passion in Component Design, now a Technical Project Manager.

My story at LEONI

My name is Ryan and I began my career at LEONI as an engineering apprentice, with the plan of rotation through various departments within the business. One of the departments I rotated through was Component Design where I really enjoyed the creativity of the work and managed to find a permanent position there. My main tasks revolved around supporting the design of bespoke components, 3D modelling and 2D drawings. In parallel I completed a level 3 BTEC, HNC and then Engineering Degree through day-release. As I developed and gained experience I was promoted to a lead engineer, where I went on to manage all component requirements on Bentleys BY63X platform. So far, I’m really enjoying the new role and the challenges that are coming with it.

My daily routine


Firstly, I will make my way into work which will either be at LEONI Newcastle-under-Lyme, Bentley Crewe or my home office in the garage which is certainly the easiest commute. Once at my desk I’ll catch-up with my colleagues and check the meetings I have planned for the morning. This is usually either supporting issue management: helping to ensure the development, validation and production of our wiring harnesses runs according to plan; or checking in with my technology core team for progress updates.


I typically take my lunch somewhere between 12 and 1, where I will eat whatever meal I’ve brought from home or take a walk across to Morrisons.


My afternoons usually consist of communicating with the project team (either in the UK or with one of the production sites in Romania or Tunisia) or with the customer to plan and monitor upcoming work packages and how this will impact our main deliverables.

My highlights

One of my best moments at LEONI has been, getting the opportunity to visit one of our production sites in Arad, Romania. It was amazing to travel somewhere new and I gained a newfound respect for the work that goes into manufacturing our products

My view of LEONI as an employer

When looking for an apprenticeship, LEONI stood out as an employer that would see me as a long-term option. This was certainly the case and is what I value most about LEONI as I have been given many opportunities to develop myself personally, academically and professionally through them. LEONI funded me through my engineering degree and a wide range of courses from leadership skills to mental health first aid. 

Although I am still relatively new in my role as a Technical Project Manager, my early experiences have revealed a highly collaborative and supportive environment where everyone shares common goals. 

Summing up LEONI as an employer in three words? Opportunity, Development, Ambition.

My Tips

If you are starting new at LEONI, I would advise you to take as many development opportunities as you can, because there will be a lot available to you. Not only will it help you to grow but you may also find new subjects you didn’t know you enjoyed.

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