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Expert Payroll Management UK

Chloe joined LEONI UK as a Business Apprentice, advancing to Expert Payroll Management UK. She pursued academic growth alongside her career.

My story at LEONI

Hello, I'm Chloe, and my journey with LEONI began in September 2018. Fresh out of college with qualifications in Business, Psychology, and Sociology, I sought an opportunity to combine academic learning with real-world experience. LEONI, with its Degree Apprenticeship program, perfectly aligned with my criteria, standing out among other companies. Starting as a Business Apprentice, I progressed to become Expert Payroll Management UK, leveraging the experience to evolve into a leader and mentor.

In the five years since joining LEONI, my professional and academic growth has been remarkable. Through dedication and hard work, I not only attained the position of Expert Payroll Management UK, but also successfully completed a BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Management as part of the apprenticeship course, thereby reinforcing my path towards becoming a Chartered Manager by completing a 4-year Charted Management Degree Apprenticeship program. LEONI has played a pivotal role in my development, offering an ideal platform for continuous learning and growth.

My job

Working in HR makes it hard to define what a typical day is as the role is so vast regarding what we are working on at any given time, this is great as it means that the role does not feel boring or monotonous and challenges and/or urgent requests arise regularly, keeping the role interesting. In order to keep up with the fast paced environment paired with the unknown urgent tasks that could arise, I tend to complete the most important task of the day first before moving onto anything else to ensure deadlines are met. An example of this would be Payroll, this is very important that we meet the required deadlines regardless of anything that comes our way, therefore priority work is completed in the morning while afternoons are left for firefighting and other important (but not urgent) work.

My highlights

The most exciting moments came with the most challenging times, during COVID we (the HR department) were looked to for advice, support and were expected to know what to do in unprecedented times such as this. Being there for employees in this challenging time, trying to offer as much stability as we could while also being aware of and enforcing all new legislations and rules that were constantly being released in the UK to ensure everything was being done correctly was challenging but this offered an amplified sense of excitement and importance to the role.

My view of LEONI as an employer

From the beginning of my journey with LEONI I have been surrounded by incredible mentors and colleagues who constantly show an amazing amount of commitment, dependability and a general thoughtfulness to support others. This is something I value most about working at LEONI as it pushes me to strive for this excellence every day and I believe these characteristics displayed with such consistency is a rarity within most workplaces today.

The culture within the team I work in is very supportive, approachable and friendly. All within the team will often approach another member for their opinion or expertise, this is always met with an eagerness to help and support.

For me, LEONI UK embodies three key principles: Personability, Integrity, and Dedication.

Personability is evident in the understanding that everyone matters, fostering connections to ensure that individuals feel valued. Recognizing that people are integral to a successful business, LEONI prioritizes treating them accordingly.

Integrity holds a prominent place within the company, with high regard for honesty, moral values, and ethical principles. This commitment to integrity is foundational to maintaining a healthy workplace culture, creating a safe and approachable space for employees to freely express their views.

Dedication is a prevailing theme in my interactions with LEONI UK colleagues. It reinforces the notion that employees in the UK truly care about the business as if it were their own. Many demonstrate a profound dedication, working hard for the company and showcasing loyalty through years of committed service.

My tips

My tip is to show eagerness, passion, and enthusiasm. With the right attitude, you can go far within LEONI. Colleagues and mentors will be happy to invest time in helping shape you as an individual and foster your growth within the company. As long as you display a willingness to learn and progress, your potential within the company is only capped by your own beliefs.

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