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Will joined LEONI as an apprentice after BTEC Engineering. He pursued a degree apprenticeship and is now excelling in vehicle measurement.

My story at LEONI

My name is Will and upon completing a BTEC in Engineering at Newcastle Under-Lyme College, I joined LEONI in 2019. During my first year at college, I had the privilege of meeting LEONI during a guest presentation. They provided an insightful overview of the various job opportunities available at LEONI, leaving a lasting impression on me. Despite lacking the necessary qualifications for those roles at the time, their presentation stayed in the back of my mind. 

As my second year in college came to an end, I thought about my future steps. While considering full-time university studies, I recalled the visit from LEONI. Curious, I explored the LEONI company website and was delighted to find an opening for a degree apprenticeship position. Without hesitation, I submitted my application. After navigating the application process, I was invited for an in-person interview.

During the interview, after a brief tour of the site, I became convinced that this job was the perfect fit for me. Later that day, I received a call offering me the position, which I gladly accepted.

I began my journey at LEONI as an apprentice, participating in an 18-month rotation program. This unique opportunity enabled me to explore various departments within the engineering sector. Among them, the laboratory captivated me the most, as it allowed me to apply both my hands-on and theoretical skills. As fate would have it, a job popped up within the test and validation team (the lab), I applied and fortunately managed to get the role. 4 years on, I am still in the laboratory but work in the vehicle measurement area, further diversifying my skills and experiences.

My job

Working in the test and validation team is an exciting role that brings new challenges every day. One day, I might be engaged in the development of innovative components, and the next, I could be testing the electrical distribution system of a cutting-edge sports car. 

Being able to work with state-of-the-art technologies in test equipment and vehicles is a fantastic job perk. Additionally, the opportunity to travel to various LEONI sites worldwide adds to the excitement of the role.

My highlights

One of my most exciting achievements was completing my work-based project in as part of my degree. This endeavour gave me the chance to apply all the skills I had acquired during my five years at LEONI and my engineering education. I dedicated countless hours, both within work and university, to research, design, and construct test equipment specifically tailored for the laboratory's needs.

LEONI has offered multiple opportunities for additional studies and training alongside my degree apprenticeship. These experiences have enabled me to enhance my skills in areas such as ICT, health and safety, electronics, electrics, and automotive engineering.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Working in the test and validation team is great as there is a diverse mix of employees with different backgrounds and experience. This dynamic environment ensures that every day brings new learning opportunities. Moreover, our department not only operates within the UK but also has sites in Germany, France, China, and Morocco, fostering international collaboration as a fundamental aspect of our daily work. LEONI can be succinctly described as innovative, supportive, and harmonious.

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